Selected credits (click on Title to acces IMDB)
date production director / production company
feature films:
2015 SPY(Hairdressing Department Head) Paul Feig / Twentieth Century Fox
Nominated: Best Contemporary Hair Styling – 2016 Makeup Artists & Hair Stylists Guild Awards
2014 STONEHEARST ASYLUM (Hair Designer for Kate Beckinsale) Brad Anderson / Icon Productions
2012 THE IMPOSSIBLE (Hairdressing Department Head) J.A. Bayona / Summit Entertainment
2010 GET HIM TO THE GREEK (Hairdressing Department Head UK) Nicholas Stoller / Universal Pictures
2010 SHANGHAI (Hair Designer For Gong Li) Mikael Håfström / Living Films
2007 NATIONAL TREASURE: BOOK OF SECRETS (Hair Stylist UK) Jon Turteltaub / Walt Disney Pictures
2007 MIGUEL AND WILLIAM (Hair Designer) Inés París / Future Films
2007 SON OF RAMBOW (Hairdressing Department Head) Garth Jennings / Hammer & Tongs
2005 IMAGINE ME & YOU (Additional Makeup Assistant) Ol Parker / BBC Films
2005 PRIDE & PREJUDICE (Hair Stylist for Keira Knightley) Joe Wright / Focus Features
2004 KING ARTHUR (Hair Stylist for Keira Knightley) Antoine Fuqua / Touchstone Pictures
2003 LD 50 LETHAL DOSE (Hairdressing Department Head) Simon De Selva / Four Horsemen Films
2003 PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: The Curse of the Black Pearl Gore Verbinski / Walt Disney Pictures
(Hair Stylist – Caribbean crew)
2003 OCTANE (Hairdressing Dept Head) Marcus Adams / Delux Productions
2003 THUNDERPANTS (Hair Stylist) Peter Hewitt / CP Medien AG
2002 STAR WARS: EPISODE II – Attack of the Clones George Lucas / Lucasfilm
(Key Hairstylist UK)
2001 THE MUMMY RETURNS (Hair Stylist) Stephen Sommers / Universal Pictures
2001 BLOW DRY (Hair Stylist) Paddy Breathnach / Mirage Enterprises
1999 FOREVER MINE (Hair Stylist for Joseph Fiennes & Ray Liotta) Paul Schrader / Forever Mine (UK) Limited
1999 TOPSY-TURVY (Hair Stylist) Mike Leigh / Goldwyn Films
1999 THE CLANDESTINE MARRIAGE (Hair Stylist) Christopher Miles / BBC
1999 STAR WARS: EPISODE I – The Phantom Menace George Lucas / Lucasfilm
(Key Hairstylist)
1999 THE MUMMY (Hair Stylist) Stephen Sommers / Universal Pictures
1998 STILL CRAZY (Hair Stylist) Brian Gibson / Columbia Pictures
1998 EVER AFTER: A CINDERELLA STORY (Hair Stylist) Andy Tennant / Twentieth Century Fox Film
1998 BASIL (Co-Chief Hair Stylist) Radha Bharadwaj / Showcareer Ltd 
1997 BENT (Chief Hairdresser) Sean Mathias / Channel Four Films
1997 SNOW WHITE: A TALE OF TERROR (Assistant Hair Stylist) Michael Cohn / Polygram Filmed Ent.
1997 THE FIFTH ELEMENT (Hair Stylist) Luc Besson / Gaumont
1996 BROOMS short (Chief Hair Stylist) Luke Cresswell, Steve McNicholas / QDE
1992 CHAPLIN (Hair Stylist) Richard Attenborough / Carolco Pictures
1992 CARRY ON COLUMBUS (Hair Stylist) Gerald Thomas / Island World Productions
1991 A KISS BEFORE DYING (Hair Stylist) James Dearden / Universal Pictures
1988 PASCALI’S ISLAND (Hair Stylist) James Dearden / Channel Four Films
1985 WATER (Assistant Hair Stylist) Dick Clement / HandMade Films